>from3itsgood asks:
The iPad looks cool, but does the battery life stand up? Just curious if it is 2 hour usage time before in needs a charge or if it lasts longer than that!?

Hey from3itsgood,
it can last up to 36 hour in low backlight 10 in medium and five in high

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2 Responses to How long does the iPad battery last on a single charge?

  1. macdudeosx says:

    24+ hours if you have the brightness all the way down and the wifi off.

    9-10 hours if you have brightness all the way up and wifi enabled.

  2. rohit a says:

    I got iPad on very first day and I am heavy user so I was thinking if it lasted 5 hours I would be happy BUT to my surprise it lasts 15 hours easily.

    I use my iPad continuously for video,download,emails,Internet ,creating word doc and PowerPoint plus I also attend all the meetings remotely. But it easily lasts 15 hours at single charge which is incredible.
    But if your use it moderately ,set brightness to low don’t use blutooth and turn off the push notification , it will easily lasts 24 hours.

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