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> asks:
I tried before and it was tethered! I even installed the untethered one but it still turned out tethered!
So I restored my IPad , (I know , Stupid move) and now am ready to try again! I want it to be untethered! Can someone give me a step by step reply or a video or link? Thanks guys!
Also what version should I use? The 5.1 tethered version didnt have all the updates or things.
How can I get a lower version? Thanks!

Hey ,
I don’t think u can, u can’t downgrade from 5.1 to 5.x.x or 4.x.x….. Sozz

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2 Responses to How Do I Jailbreak My IPad 1G?

  1. Viscu says:

    You can try a lower version…. 4.0, 4.1….or 5.1… you will have all the things you need in the link… download links for ios and jailbreak software… :


    Good Luck!

  2. toufu says:

    This is not still question now, you can see this http://www.macipadvideoconverter.net/ipad-2/how-to-jailbreak-ipad-2.html It can fast and quite safe without any problem.Have a nice day!

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