How do I get my iPad 2 back?

A little over 2 weeks ago I was grounded

I have a lot of electronics and whenever I do something wrong, my parents seem to take them for sometime.

My white iPad 2 is one of my items. I love that thing and I was hoping to sell it in time for the iPad 3 (which is really SOON)

While I was grounded, my dad asked if he could use my iPad
I said yes, it was no problem because after all I would be getting it back

I needed to sell it anyway and after I got off of punishment he asked if he could buy it from me

I said yes because I wanted to sell it anyway.
Online I could’ve gotten a deal for at least $ 420

But because he’s my dad, I was only gonna charge him $ 350.

Ever since I gave him the price, nothing has happened

I haven’t had the confidence to ask if he was going to pay me or anything

I really need the rest of the money very very soon and I either need the iPad back so I can sell it to someone who will pay or for him to pay me

Please help. What should I ask for? How do I get it back?

Hey ,
Dude let your dad enjoy it its not a big deal his hapiness for all hes done and all the money hes spent on you, you may not realize it but dam he must have spent alot

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4 Responses to How do I get my iPad 2 back?

  1. Josh says:

    Nice name btw.

    But you’re going to have to just go talk to him. Explain your situation and whatnot, its not like he can be mad, unless hes irrational.

  2. Joe says:

    Return the money he gave you and be honest and say you got a better deal online be nice when you say it though

  3. Tomas says:

    Say to him,”Dad, I know you enjoy using the ipad 2. But I payed for it using my own money, and really want an ipad 3. In order to get this, I am going to have to sell my ipad 2 to get enough money. You told me you would buy it from me for $ 350. Please either pay me, or give it back to me so I can sell it online for a much better price. Besides Dad, you can use the new ipad 3!”

    He’ll give you your money, or the ipad back! Guaranteed!

  4. Charleen Klecak says:

    you got to rember this isent a nice time to pull up 300 something dollers…he might not have it…… you just got to wait im sorry but it is the truth…

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