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Its a bit annoying and I tried turning it off by going to “settings” but it was no use and I tried looking for answers but none pretty much help. I\’m trying to control the volume so it wouldent bother anyone… I\’m not trying to bother anyone or anything when I use it .__. I could use some helpI could use the “settings” button and try to figure it out but its not so easy :/

Hey ,
If you use the Swype keyboard, you can turn off the audible feedback. The standard keyboard will not allow that though. Go to Menu>Settings>Language and Keyboard>Swype>Audio Feedback>Off. This will silence your keyboard and all will be well. Hope that helps

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One Response to How do I turn off the clicking sound from keyboard from my Samsung galaxy tablet Android?

  1. Rat Poison says:

    Go to settings then keyboard settings then android keyboard settings and you should disable it from there

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