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I dropped my iphone in the washer tonight… Yup, it happened. Now I need a replacement while I figure out what to do about the phone. Will my Palm Centro, that I used while I was on sprint, now work for AT&T?
Hey thanks Dan, but could you be a bit more specific?
Thats what I thought Slay… I was a bit confused by the first two peeps. I guess all I can hope now is that the best buy dudes can help me out with this one.

Hey ,
yea, u a have to call sprint and ask them for the break up code and then u have to put that into ur phone….make sure u have a plan

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One Response to Will my Sprint Palm Centro phone work as a replacement phone for me on AT&T?

  1. slay12345 says:

    No, it will not work on AT&T. Sprint and AT&T use different technologies in their wireless networks (AT&T – GSM, Sprint – CDMA), which prevent phones from one of the carriers from connecting to the service of the other.

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