ginebra fan asks:
Is there a way to synchronize the phone books of two different Nokia phones?

My contacts are on my Nokia 6300 (internal memory) and I\’m looking for ways to transfer them to a new 7210. I have a microUSB cable and Nokia PC suite installed. Is there a way, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance

Hey ginebra fan,
if you take them to a network service store (sprint, att, verizon) they should be able to do it for you for free.

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One Response to Is there a way to synchronize the phone books of two different Nokia phones?

  1. Al S says:

    Most mobile services can transfer them over for you so just bring it to your mobile service store and see if they can do it.

    But i don’t think theres any other way that YOU could do it on your own.

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