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Hey, I have just purchased a Nokia 6233 and I noticed it was different from my friend\’s 6233. It PoC button does not have the walkie-talkie symbol. The arrangement of the menu is 3×3 and not 3×4. The games doesn\’t have the Rally 3D, Snake 3 and Soccer. It only has Sudoku. So to anyone who knows how to identify if my phone is original or not, I am really thankful for them.

Hey rvind92,
Well, to check whether your phone is original, first check out whether the battery is original.
Nokia always recommends the use of original Nokia batteries with Nokia phones to ensure safety, performance, and warranty coverage.

To make it easier to identify original Nokia batteries, as of late 2004 Nokia has started adding a coded hologram to them.

Check the Hologram and Code

Check 1: When looking at the hologram label, you should see the Nokia connecting hands symbol from one angle and the Nokia Original Enhancements logo from another angle.

Check 2: When you angle the hologram to the left, right, bottom and top of the logo, you should see one, two, three, and four dots respectively.

Check 3: The scratch-off ink coating along the edge of the hologram contains a unique, 20-digit code. Scratch the ink coating with a coin to reveal the code.

Go to the following link to enter the code and check out whether the battery is original-



Other tips-
Regardless of whether or not your Nokia Battery features a hologram label, sometimes it is possible to assess authenticity based other aspects of the battery\’s appearance. Here are some tips1 for identifying counterfeit or non-original batteries:

The printing is in smeared or overly dark ink. See example
-Label is affixed crookedly.
-Inaccurate printing.
-Words are misspelled.

Some of the following text may also appear on non-original batteries:
-Replacement battery for…
-NOK (with model number) or “For NOK”
-NK (with model number)
-”For use with…”
-”Compatible with…”
-”For Nokia…”

If your Nokia Battery features a hologram but:
the hologram label doesn\’t meet the described visual requirements
it doesn\’t have a scratch-off area with a hidden 20-digit code
code authentication is unsuccessful
or you have any other reason to believe that your battery may not be an original Nokia Battery then ,stop using the battery. The use of a battery that is not approved by the manufacturer may be dangerous and may result in poor performance and damage to your device and its enhancements. It may also invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the device.

Visit your local authorized Nokia service center and have them inspect the battery for authenticity.

If authenticity cannot be verified at the authorized Nokia service center, or if the hologram label clearly differs from the described visual requirements, return the battery & handset directly to the place of purchase

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