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to get african internet service in Ghana, how many cedi per month does it cost? How much does cell phone minutes cost for international long distance, per minute (cedi)?

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Very few people have internet access at home. They use internet cafes or they work for a big company that has internet access at work or they use the computers at school if they are students. I don\’t know anybody in Ghana who has internet access at home. My parents don\’t have it at home, my dad goes online from work. You pay about .50 -1 cedi per hour in an internet cafe. The nicer cafes or the ones with higher speed access or Skype capabilities are the more expensive ones.

An international call from a mobile phone is at least 50 pesewas per minute. You usually buy a phone card for the best rates. To call the UK on a 10 cedi card I get 20 minutes call time. If you don\’t use a phone card it\’s more expensive.

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