I need to buy a bulk about of iphone cases, whether they are branded or not for very cheap prices. I have searched around and have not found any wholesale cheaper iphone case supplier. Ebay is cheap, but I thought of those that sell on ebay that they get them for cheaper. So if there is any legit iphone case suppliers please list them. Make sure they are legit.

US sellers is what I prefer.

Hey ,
yea you can easily find some crack-head who would sell you anything for just a little bit of drugs thats how i got my car and Iphone

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4 Responses to Is there good legit wholesale iphone case suppliers?

  1. Susan says:



    If you are looking for legitimate and reliable iphone case wholesalers then without a doubt the best place to source wholesale merchandise is Esources. It’s the web’s largest directory of verified wholesalers and dropshippers from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, China and so forth.


    to browse American wholesalers by keyword visit the USA wholesalers directory

  2. StarK says:

    ofcourse there is . if it is in the stores then there is a wholesaeler for it
    Many sellers on ebay get wholesale lists and know where to buy this stuff from.
    Even the wholesellers on ebay are mostly middle men.
    you can look into checking out some lists or getting general info on
    wholesaling whether you are a pro or a newbie..
    I Got some good info about wholesale from this site
    and some good deals from liquidation too

  3. Zoe says:

    wholesale iphoe case is here, We are professional manufacturer iphone case from China. the price more than 50% discount from the site. please contact us now.

  4. Anjela says:

    Hi Elna, Why don’t you visit esources, it is a b2b website that lists the largest range of genuine and vetted wholesale suppliers of iphone cases. I use the site often to source suppliers for my products and have been using it since 1 year. You will find most of the legitimate suppliers you are looking for on that site, plus the suppliers are verified unlike other directories that list many scams.

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