npa4863 asks:
Im a mechanic I’m woundering if there’s any iPhone apps like All Data Library or Identifix or any thing useful…

Hey npa4863,
I tried lookin for some a few times, I didn’t find much besides things like Car Factor (which is an app that just tells you about new cars coming out).
The most useful one I found that you might like is a de-coder… Y’know when you pull the codes from the OBD system… The app will tell you what the codes are so you don’t need the expensive code reader AND puller. You can getta cheap code puller (can’t remember the actual name) from Harbor Freight or somthin like that & use the app to find out the code.
Hope this helps

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One Response to Is there any iPhone apps for the auto tech?

  1. Bluto B says:

    No. You have a teenage girl phone. They aren’t interested in car repair.

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