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Hey everyone I just wanna know is there an app where you can text people without a wifi zone because I have text free unlimited but when I am in my car it says H\’mmm…. cant find a wifi signal try again later. I really want to text anytime I want
Also i do not pay for a plan because I dont want to waste my money on it

Hey ,
If you have an iPhone, why would you need a wifi connection to text? Did you not pay for a contract through AT&T?

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2 Responses to Is there an app for the Iphone where you can text but you don’t need wifi?

  1. Dfwteddybear says:

    Turn off your Wifi and Textfree will use your 3G internet service and most importantly, don’t text while driving.

  2. Common Sense says:

    Ummm, I assume the phone is not active? If it is, why would you ask such a question? If not, you can’t.

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