rkfan23 asks:
There are programs I would like to put on my iphone 4S but can’t unless I jailbreak it. However I heard if I jailbreak my iphone I will lose warranty which isn’t worth it to me. Is there a way to jailbreak my iphone UNTETHERED without losing warranty?

Hey rkfan23,
No. When you jailbreak your Iphone its 1,2,3 and POOF! Your warrenty is now gone.

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3 Responses to Is there a way to jailbreak an iphone 4S without losing warranty?

  1. Kodoku says:

    You dont lose your warranty.

    Well, you do, but if you restore, the jailbreak is gone, so apple has no way of ever knowing it was jailbroken in the first place, so the warranty returns when you restore. There is no untethered jailbreak for the 4S yet but there will be very soon.

    Don’t listen to the idiot that think they know about jailbreak. I know what i’m talking about. and my friend can back me up on this because he returned an ipod touch that he jailbroke, because he restored it and nobody ever knew,

  2. El_Todd69 says:

    Well, there is a way but it’s going to require a trip to the underworld and a 15-page, single-spaced report on why you alone should be so effing special to be able to jailbreak the phone without losing your warranty. And that will only happen if Steve Jobs HAPPENS to be in a good mood when you visit him.

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