I recorded stuff off of my iPhone 4s for a school project, and I’m using a friends computer to make the video and I don’t want to resynch my iPhone…how can I do it?

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You can’t iTunes is required.

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  1. Justin says:

    If the computer doesn’t have iTunes installed, skip to the third paragraph (including this one). If the computer does have iTunes installed, start with the second paragraph (including this one). Also, I’m assuming that the computer is running Windows because you didn’t specify the computer’s OS, and Windows is more common than OS X.

    If the computer does have iTunes installed, then make sure that when you plug in your iPhone it won’t sync automatically. Without your iPhone plugged in, open iTunes. Go to Edit > Preferences. Click on the Devices tab that has a picture of an iPhone. Click the check box for “Prevent iPhones, iPods, and iPads from syncing automatically” so that it’s checked and then click OK. This makes sure that when you plug your iPhone in, iTunes won’t try and sync with it on its own. If your friend wants iTunes to automatically sync with new devices, then make sure you uncheck that box when you’re done. Go on to the next two paragraphs for actually getting the video file.

    Plug the iPhone into the PC. An option should come up that asks if you want to import pictures and videos; if such an option does appear, then just follow the steps in the program to import the video, and you’re done. If an option doesn’t come up to import pictures and videos, then go to the next step.

    If the option doesn’t come up to import pictures and videos (you might have to wait a few seconds), then go to Start > Computer. In the list of drives, you should see “Apple iPhone” with a camera icon. Double-click on that and keep double-clicking on the folders until your photos and videos come up in the file explorer. Don’t worry, there won’t be thousands of folders—just a few to click through. The folder you’re looking for is called “DCIM,” but there might be more depending on your iPhone.

  2. Annie Hsu says:

    On a Windows machine: Open My Computer, click your device, and I can’t remember the rest but there aren’t many folders. You’ll find the videos in one of those folders.

  3. Hengsheng says:

    Here is a iPhone manager. It can easy manage the file sync.

    Free download:

  4. Tom says:

    You may refer to this guide, it will show you the detail steps to transfer files from iPod to computer or iTunes, including music, video, playlist, photo, etc. It’s easy to understand and works pretty well for me.

  5. Elaine says:

    You need iTunes. If you want to know how to transfer video to iTunes, please refer to the following guide.

  6. Angel says:

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  7. Janster says:

    try tipard iphone transfer , it can help you transfer anything between ur pc and apple device

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