My friend has a jailbroken iphone but i dont know how to do it to mine and what are the risks?
please help me! my info for my iphone is down here

its 8gb
version ios 5.0.1
i think thats all that is needed to know. Oh and the carrier is sprint- in case that info is needed.:)

Hey ,
hi :3
ok so, there isnt really many risks involved in jailbreak.
the only one i can think of is that is voids your warrenty, but you can easily just restore your phone and take it to the apple store if you need repair.
To jailbreak an iphone 4, download greenpois0n ( and follow the instructions. it is really simple, like really really simple. whilst that is working, don’t worry about what you see on your phone, because there will be a bunch of text and everything coming up but thats all normal.
that is basically it :) i constantly jailbreak my friends phones, and my own. if you need help email me, id be happy to help and teach you everything about it for nothing :3
spikee 123 @ hotmail . com (no spaces)

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3 Responses to How do you jailbreak iphone 4 and what are the risks?

  1. Lisha says:

    Try this safe and easy jailbreak guide for iphone 4: Http://
    it works fine with 5.0.1.

  2. Jerry says:


    I use a program that jailbreaks your phone in like 2 min, and is completely reversible so there are no risks. It costs money tho, but only like 23 bucks and you can unlock and jailbreak unlimited phones for the rest of your life and they give you free upgrades for life for any new iphones that come out in the future. It’s sooo worth it IMO. You can even charge your friends a small fee to do their phones and make your money back if you wanted to lol. Check it out and see what you think.

  3. Dennis says:

    jailbreak is totally safe. and make your iphone much more wonderful

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