i dont want to pay for it and wait for the code. how do i just unlock mine and my girlfriend phone for free, step by step. ive been looking online for hours and i cant find anything.

Hey ,
google it bro. cause like you dont state the firmware and such.

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2 Responses to how do i unlock my iphone 4 and android lg optimus t for free?

  1. Nama says:

    Without paying you can’t unlock these latest Phone,So you need to pay to unlock it…I will help to unlock I-Phone 4 ,I have unlocked my I-Phone 4 easily using the Remote Unlock service from the site and Unlock it…Sorry Free Unlock is not possible to get for this Phone,I have searched for my phone unlocking,but i can’t..for LG unlocking contact the service provider.

    Apple iPhone 4 Unlocking Instructions

    Warning : Do not enter any wrong unlock codes on your Apple iPhone 4 mobile phones. If you enter over a certain amount of wrong unlock codes on your Apple iPhone 4 mobile phone, your phone may get hard locked and sometimes become unusable.

    1. Wait for us to send you an email saying your phone has been activated or remotely unlocked.
    2. Install the latest version of iTunes.
    3. Make sure your Apple iPhone 4 phone software is updated to the latest version using the iTunes software.
    4. Connect your Apple iPhone 4 to iTunes with a NOT ACCEPTED SIM card.
    5. Wait until iTunes detects your Apple iPhone 4.
    6. Disconnect your Apple iPhone 4 and reconnect it after 10 seconds.
    7. Your Apple iPhone 4 is now unlocked.

  2. Best says:

    Do not know free unlock codes for lg optimus but you can get at cheapest rate.

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