My previous mac was very old and completely crashed on me. I had been using that to transfer songs onto my iphone. Now I have a new mac, and I’m trying to get some new songs onto it but I want to do it without erasing the existing music on my phone. Any suggestions?

Hey ,
Authorize the new Mac with the same Apple ID on the old Mac, then shut off the itunes automatic management, and choose manually manage music and videos when you connect the iphone to itunes.then you can manually sync music to iphone without deleting the music which have on your iphone .

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2 Responses to How do I transfer music onto an iphone if I have a new laptop.?

  1. Eyeach Toda says:

    just have a try the Aiseesoft iPhone to Mac Transfer and i’m sure it can help you.
    Cause i have been using it and it provides you major functions:
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  2. Kelly says:

    through usb or Bluetooth

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