Hey guys. So i just got a new laptop and I downloaded itunes. I’ve tried to click ‘Manually manage music’ but it keeps asking me to erase and sync as my iphone is synced to another itunes. Is it possible to transfur music from my new computer without losing all my old data? Thank you so much in advance =)

Hey ,
You can’t, it’s restricted by Apple for copyright purposes
You should’ve backed up your itunes library and copy it on your new computer. If you downloaded your music legally through itunes, you need not worry, you can authorize your new computer and login with your AppleID and it will re-download all purchased apps and music.

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2 Responses to How do I put songs onto my Iphone from a different itunes without losing my music?

  1. oovo says:

    There’s a software for it, but I completely forgot what it’s called. Try googling it and something should pop up.

    With this particular software, I was able to transfer songs from my iPod into another iTunes. All my old songs were there and all the songs from my iPod was on iTunes as well. I’m not too sure if it works the other way around.

  2. Sebastien says:

    There’s a software that’s called DiskAid that takes your music from your iPod to your iTunes. Maybe not the best way but tit gets the job done. Follow this youtube tutorial, it sure helped me!

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