On my phone there’s duplicate tracks but my itunes only has one of them.
I tried unchecking the SYNC MUSIC, it cleared out all of the songs on my phone except for that particular track. AND of course it doesn’t let you delete songs manually from the phone.

Yes, there’s only one song in my computer files.
Yes, my itunes is updated.
I tried rebooting my phone.

How can I get rid of this it’s driving me insane!

Hey ,
wel i am not sure how it works in iphone .. but in your phone try checking the files backed in your memory card instead of trying 2 delete them from the music files! it works in my phone ,
hope it helps :)

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One Response to How do I get rid of duplicate songs on my iphone 4s?

  1. Maya B says:

    You might need to restore your iPhone in iTunes and then re-sync it to reload your music back from iTunes.

    If you then find that your duplicates are actually in iTunes, this article may help you get rid of these.

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