Sorry, I erred when I first posted this question. Basically, I want to use said Unlocked iphone 3G, and ditch my Droid. And obviouslym the SIMS are not compatible. So what I’m needing to know is, can I just use the SIM card that is in there now, and if so, how to I start service with Verizon? Thank you.

Hey ,
First contact verizon so they can give you steps to syinc the phone or else will keep saying error and if you can get it flashed to cricket its free and you won’t have the sucky verizon.

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2 Responses to Hello. I have unlocked and jailbroken an AT & T iPhone 3. How do I get a begin service with Verizon?

  1. Michelle says:

    You can’t. The AT&T iPhone is supported on GSM network. Verizon has CDMA. It won’t work.

  2. THE UNCOOL 1 says:

    You can’t do that…

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