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>lïƒε ïṡ α јøυɾṉεÿ asks:
So I got an Android MID table for Christmas and I need help adding it to my google account as an device, so that I can install apps from Market Apps. When I tried to add it as a device I had to put a phone number and my tablet doesn’t have a phone number. My question is how do I add it as an device to my google account?

Hey lïƒε ïṡ α јøυɾṉεÿ,
I unexpectedly managed to add the device, by using the “Calendar” application and selecting the “Google” option, which required me to sign in and after that it automatically linked the device to the account.

However, this is not enough, since when trying to use the Android market i get the same “no phones are linked to this account” message. :-|

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