When i first got my galaxy s2 and i swiped from one home screen to another the wallpaper would move a little to end up showing the whole picture , but not it wont do it anymore. IDK what i did to change this. how do i change it back?

thank you=)
that option does not come up anymore…….i do remember seeing it ask for that when i first got the phone.

Hey ,
In TouchWiz (Samsung’s version of Android), when you set a picture as the wallpaper, you should get a prompt to resize the picture, and also to set it as landscape or portrait. If you select portrait, the picture will not scroll. However, if you select the landscape option, it will scroll.

Also, in Settings>Display>Animation, check the “All animations” option. If this is turned off, then this animation will not be shown. It is meant to save a little bit of battery, but really isn’t all that useful.

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