Chris K asks:
The gMAIL i have used to make android account got deleted, and i want to change the email used without loosing my data. I tried, but i would loose my data if i did. I don’t have the materials to sync info. Help anyne?

Hey Chris K,
you my backup all your data to gmail account. Then export data from gmail to another gmail account

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One Response to How do i change gmail on android phone without data being lost?

  1. Tasha Thompson says:

    Once all the stuff around the old phone is taken care of, you can turn on your shiny new phone and get the basics done. Go through the initial setup, get all your accounts signed in and all the other fun stuff and let it sit for a few minutes for the initial sync. Here’s a neat little trick about apps.

    If you set up your GMail account used to sync apps, email and calendars from the beginning, all your paid and free apps start downloading immediately after the setup. If you don’t want them and want a fresh start or just want to get your Titanium backup restored onto it without chugging in a ton of data, don’t set it up in the initial setup (just touch the skip button) and set it up under Settings > Accounts afterwards. This means your apps won’t download at all, unless you do each one manually, but they’ll still show under My Apps in the Market.

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