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Hey :) so I just downloaded this app called iNeedle Lite.. and it’s kinda random, I just wanted to see what it was, and I can’t seem to get it to work.. how do I do it? There is nowhere that I can push the top piece of the syringe cos it seems to be off the screen :( how do I get it to work? Thanks in advance :)

Hey ,
I think you might have to give it back to the factory for them to fix it, if its still on warranty they will do it for free. But heres another solution. Download the app ” juno wallet” and make a account. When it asks you to type in a code type in “LM184032″ and it will give you 5 dollars towards itunes gift cards and then download 3 of the apps that it shows and open each one up for 30 seconds. This will give you even more money to buy Gift cards. I got $ 15.00 in 3 DAYS! Remember to say thanks:)

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