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I would like to have my ipad as the window into my imac so i can control and see everything on my imac from anywhere in the house using my ipad.

Hey ,
Not sure about iPad specific (because it\’s not been released here), but there\’s a very nice application that\’ll do that for iPhone called RemoteTap which runs on iPads.

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One Response to Is there an App for remote control of my imac from my ipad thus making the ipad a window into my imac?

  1. rohit a says:

    There are many apps for iPad that let’s you control any computer including iMac but I don’t understand what do you mean by having I window on iMac.
    If you wanna control iMac then why do you need window of iPad on iMac ?


    Log me in-this is probably the best or you can just google “control desktop from iPad” many will pop up with videos link to YouTube and you can decide yourself but I know there are many.

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